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CBI must probe Amarinder govt's embezzlement of post-matric SC scholarship funds: Chugh

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) - BJP National General Secretary Tarun chugh today blamed the Amarinder Singh government for meting out stepmotherly treatment to thousands of SC students after depriving them of their post-matric scholarship money and thus languishing their future as students. In a statement Chugh said more than 50,000 SC students have been groping in darkness after their degrees are blocked due to non-payment of scholarship money. Chugh said since 2017 more than Rs 1870 crores had been embezzled by the Amarinder government at the cost of future of the SC students.

Chugh remanded CBI inquiry into the embezzlement of the central funds and demanded the state government to immediately help save the future of the SC students. Chugh said under the central scheme there was provision of providing non-refundable fees, University fees and monthly allowance ranging from rs 230 to rs 550 per month which the students had been deprived of Chugh cautioned the Amarinder government against playing with the future of SC students and said the BJP would soon launch protest against it.