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Center is cheating with farmers in the name of talks-Selja

Rewari (Global News) : - President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja said that the BJP government at the Center is cheating with farmers in the name of talks. The government does not intend to solve the issue and it is working to trick the farmers. She said that the foundation of the BJP government is based on lies. Through these laws, the BJP government has made full arrangements to enslave the farmers.

Kumari Selja today reached the Masani barrage of Rewari and Kheda-Shahjahanpur border to support the farmers’ movement.

She said that in this fight against the anti-agriculture black laws, the BJP government and their few capitalist friends are on one side, whereas the whole country, which stands with more than 60 crores farmers and crores of laborers associated with agriculture sector, is on the other side. Constant efforts are being made by the BJP government to crush this movement, but the farmers are united in opposing these laws.

Kumari Selja said that no farmer had demanded these laws. These laws have been demanded by a select few capitalist friends of the BJP government, who just make profit. The BJP, which formed the government by promising to double the income of farmers, has made full arrangements to reduce the income of farmers and enslave them through these laws. Millions of farmers are agitating in the midst of heavy rain and severe cold. More than sixty farmers have sacrificed their lives in this movement, but it had no effect on the government. The BJP government has no faith in democracy. No interaction was held with the farmers before introducing these laws. No talks were held with the opposition party. These laws were passed by strangling democracy in the Parliament. When farmers start raising their voice, they are being oppressed and they are not being heard, she added.

Kumari Selja said that since the beginning, the Congress party has been fighting against these black laws at every level. Farmers all over the country are agitating against these laws. The Congress party stands with the farmers at every level.

She was accompanied by MLA Chiranjeev Rao, former CPS Ramkishan Gurjar, former Minister M.L. Ranga besides other leaders and party workers.

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