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CEO Office Launches New Filters on Snapchat for Young Voters

Chandigarh: In a unique initiative, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab has launched Snapchat Lenses (Filters) to engage young voters. These lenses use augmented reality to deliver important messages about voting rights and responsibilities, making civic participation more appealing to the digital generation.

Giving details, CEO Sibin C said that two types of lenses have been created for Snapchat by the CEO Punjab team – "I’m A Proud Voter" and another with the option to imprint the election logo on the user's face. By using the "I’m A Proud Voter" lens, users can showcase their participation in the electoral process through the ‘inked finger’ mark. The other lens, featuring the election logo encourages users to take an interest in the democratic process. Users can scan the Snap Code to use these lenses on Snapchat.

The CEO stated that this interactive experience not only educates users about the importance of voting but also fosters a sense of civic pride and responsibility. By tapping into popular social media platforms, the CEO Office aims to reach a broader audience and encourage active participation in the democratic process.



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