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Chairman of Child Commission strongly condemnes incident in Jalandhar

Chandigarh: Chairman Kanwardeep Singh of the Punjab State Child Rights Protection Commission has expressed his deep sorrow and condemnation regarding the unfortunate incident in which parents poisoned their three innocent young girls in the Jalandhar district due to financial difficulties.

Expressing deep sorrow regarding this incident, Chairman Kanwardeep Singh said that killing innocent little girls is a very horrendous incident and the culprits should be given exemplary punishment so that no one commits such a crime in the future.

The chairman appealed to the people that the parents who cannot raise their children due to financial hardship should not kill the children but surrender them to the child welfare committees so that the precious lives of the children can be saved. He said that children are the future of the society and the nation, as these children grow up and brighten the name of their country.

He said that laws have been made by the Punjab Government for the welfare of children and there is a provision of severe punishment according to the law for committing any kind of crime against children. Apart from this, he has also provided under Section 35 of the Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act 2015 that parents who cannot take care of their children can surrender their children to welfare committees.

He said that apart from child welfare committees, child protection units have been formed in every district. Parents can give information regarding the surrender of children by calling the child helpline number 1098. Parents can handover newborn or older children to Child Welfare Committees, showing their inability to raise the children.

It is worth mentioning that the concerned parents are given two months' time by the Child Welfare Committee. If after this time they remain steadfast in their decision, the children below the age of six years are adopted by the needy parents by initiating the adoption process.



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