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Chandigarh Administration Urges Resident Doctors to Reconsider Strike

The Chandigarh Administration expresses its concern over the recent decision of Resident Doctors of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) 32 to go on strike. The Administration has actively engaged in discussions concerning demands of Resident Doctors over the last week. These discussions involved meetings of Finance Secretary with Health Secretary and Director Health as well as meetings of Secretary Health with Resident Doctors.

In the pursuit of a swift resolution, the note in file for stipend enhancement was revised after discussion with the Finance Department. The Director Principal of GMCH promptly incorporated the Finance Department's suggested revisions, completing this process in a single working day. The revised file has been submitted to the Finance Department today. The Administration wishes to emphasize its commitment towards an expeditious resolution of this issue.

However, the decision to strike at this crucial juncture threatens to disrupt the progress achieved thus far. The Chandigarh Administration implores Resident Doctors to reconsider their decision to strike and appeals for patience. A strike, at this stage, risks complicating matters and hampers ongoing efforts towards a resolution. The Administration hopes that wisdom will prevail. All Resident Doctors are earnestly requested to prioritize their duties and ensure that patient care services remain unaffected during this period.

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