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Chandigarh admn advisory to schools: Can consider keeping institutions closed on July 10, 11

UT Chandigarh has experienced heavy & continuous rainfall and there is a prediction for rainfall tomorrow as well. The significant rainfall and the weather forecast raise concerns regarding waterlogging and disruption in civic amenities in several areas of UT Chandigarh. Therefore, in view of the heavy rainfall and the weather forecast for the UT Chandigarh region, the managements of the schools of UT Chandigarh may, for the safety & security of the students and teaching/non-teaching faculty/staff, consider to keep their schools closed for classes on Monday-Tuesday i.e 10-11.7.2023. While taking a decision they must consider, as the case maybe, interalia, the rain effected school infrastructure (classrooms, electricals etc), approach roads both in the vicinity of the school and where the children and staff travel from. If the schools choose to open for classes, they will ensure the safety and security of the attending school children and staff.


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