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Chandigarh Housing Board demolished encroachment at Dadumajra

The Chandigarh Housing Board demolished encroachment on public land in 03 dwelling units at Dadumajra. CHB is computing cost of demolitions which will be recovered from the allottees and in case of its non-payment their allotments are liable to be cancelled. In remaining 06 cases cases at Dadumajra the demolitions will be removed within this week itself.

2.In all these 09 cases, encroachments have been made on the

Government/Public Land by constructing boundary wall and staircases etc. Since the land below the electric lines have been encroached in all these 09 cases, it has raised issues of serious risk for human life and property. Infact in one of the case, the electric pole has been taken inside the encroached boundary wall of the CHB house by one of the allottee.

3. To ensure effective actions against fresh illegal/un-authorized constructions and encroachment on government/public land, the CHB is adopting ZERO tolerance policy.

4. All the allottees who have been issued Challans/demolition notices against the fresh constructions are requested to remove these violations immediately to avoid demolition by the Chandigarh Housing Board.

5. All the allotttess are again requested not to undertake any fresh building violations otherwise the same is liable to be demolished on their risk and cost. Since these violations may lead to structure safety issues not only for the dwelling units but also for the particular unit and also for the adjoining unit also, the CHB is adopting zero tolerance policy.

6. Further all the encroachments on government/public land need to be removed immediately without any notice from CHB.

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