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Chandigarh Museum has started Catch Them Young program

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Museum has started Catch Them Young program that selects interested students of senior secondary, graduate and post graduate levels to choose a collection, engage with it creatively, work with the technical staff of the museum, conduct research and curate an exhibition. The first exhibition under this program, curated by Aviral Agarwal, is “Sultanate and Mughal coins from the collection of the Chandigarh Museum”. Aviral is a senior secondary student of science who has his heart and soul in the world of coins, especially Indo-Islamic coinage. The highlight of the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue is the illustration of forty five coins done by Aviral which will help the viewer to truly appreciate their beauty. Further, the transliteration of the legend on the coins, which is mostly in Arabic and Persian, into English and Hindi will assist the reader to understand the writing on the coins. This exhibition is designed hands-on by the students and alumni

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