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Chandigarh National Crafts Mela - 23A melange of folk dances at Kalagram steals the show

CHANDIGARH: The 13the edition of Chandigarh National Craft Mela hosted by the North Zone Cultural Centre (NZCC) and Chandigarh Administration, at Kalagram, is verily a melting pot of fascinating folk cultures, all rolling into one.

India is known worldwide for its rich and diverse cultural heritage the people have fiercely guarded against the recurring onslaughts triggered by time. Indian folk dances are the most endearing identities of our composite culture reflecting a unique idea of unity in diversity.

Folk dances of India can be broadly classified into two categories - classical and folk dances, both steeped in the history of the country, which have earned India a place of pride among the world community.

Folk dances are usually performed on momentous occasions, like weddings, birth of a child, festivals, social and other religious ceremonies and so on and so forth.

The prominent folk and tribal dances of various states which were presented on the occasion in the morning and evening segments. These will continue till December 10.

Prominent among the dances being presented include Bhapang (Rajasthan), Jagarna (Jammu & Kashmir), Jhoomar (Punjab), Pooja Kunitha (Karnataka); Pandav Nritya (Uttrakhand) Gudum Baja (Madhya Pradesh),

Natua (West Bengal), Rouff (Jammu & Kashmir); Gotipua (Odisha); Talwar Raas (Gujarat); Pung Cholom/ Dhol Cholom/Manipuri Raas (Manipur); Lavani (Maharashra); Dhamal (Haryana), Jindua (Punjab); Rathwa (Gujarat),Pooja Kunitha (Karnataka); Pandav Nritya (Uttrakhand), Rouff (Jammu & Kashmir); Gotipua (Odisha); Talwar Raas (Gujarat)

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