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Chandigarh parents show greater consciousness to protect selves with a health insurance policy

Chandigarh (Gurpreet): A recent survey, Indian Parental Care Survey 2019, commissioned by Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited (ABHICL), the health insurance subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL), a significant non-bank financial services’ conglomerate, reveals that the senior citizens in Chandigarh have very well taken up the responsibility of being in-charge of their own health and fitness. According to the survey, interestingly Chandigarh ranks second, after Bangalore, with almost 54% parents having invested in a health cover for themselves and their spouse. A chunk of the parental population is on top of their fitness regime, timely health check-ups and a health cover for protection.

Almost 60% parent respondents admit to be financially secured which is the second-highest after Delhi. 53% parent respondents claimed that they are in full control of their finances and keep good amount handy for emergency which is the highest across India.

When questioned about their health and fitness, majority of the parent respondents from Chandigarh mentioned that they regularly walk (55%) to keep themselves fit. Almost 35% Chandigarh parents admit to consume nutritious meals and avoid food that might affect their health. The survey further highlights, Chandigarh as one of the most health conscious cities with 46% parents opting for health check-ups every 12 months which is the third-highest across India without depending on their children to accompany them. In case of medical emergency, children still remain the first point of contact for 73% of parent respondents from Chandigarh.  However, 69% of Chandigarh parents miss their children when they go for a routine medical check-up which is the highest across India.

Majority of the children 88% from Chandigarh live away from their parents in other cities. Majority of children respondents from Chandigarh stated that they continue to feel connected with their parents in spite of living away from them. Nearly 91 % children respondents claimed that they are mostly worried about their parents’ well-being.

The survey which was conducted across 10 cities (METRO & Tier I) further deep dived into relationships, communication and emotional anxiety amongst several family generations living in separate locations. Despite modern technology that enables unprecedented levels of inter-generational connectivity; Indian children continue to feel anxious about their parent’s health while living away from them.

Commenting on this survey, Mr Mayank Bathwal, CEO, ABHICL said, These days many youngsters leave their parental homes, to build a career and for their growing professional aspirations. However, there is a constant sense of concern towards parent’s health and wellbeing. The Indian Parental Care Survey 2019 provides a unique insight on the rising concern of parental health and wellbeing among children living away. As a caregiver to my parents, I understand how big a priority this is and being able to provision for their needs”.

The survey brought to fore the needs that have emerged from changing lifestyle, modern parent – children relationship and the gap that exists in parental care and the support children require to meet their concerns.

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