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Chhina hit out at Punjab Government for School Fee Imbroglio

Blame Govt for Failing to Resolve Issue

Govt. must bear the Responsibility of School Fees to save Education: Mr RMS Chhina

Amritsar, (Ramanjit Singh) Senior Bhartiya Janata Party leader and educationist Mr.Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina today hit out at the Congress state government for failing to resolve the ongoing school fees payment imbroglio, which is further getting embroiled into major controversies. He said the Congress Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla is holding fruitless meetings Advocate General, Punjab, Mr Atul Nanda instead of resolving the issue.

He said the government was shirking responsibilities on the vital issue of fee payments of schools in the state and failing to reach out to any conclusion. In a hard-hitting statement issued here, he said the government was playing chronically truant on the significant issue and failing to provide solutions to the crisis-like situation.

``From the day one, since the lockdown/curfew was imposed and schools were closed down, the government had been dilly-dalling over the matter”, said he adding that the issue is so coiled up now that the trust between parents-students and teachers are breaking which might have far-reaching ramifications for the society at large.

Mr Chhina appealed the parents, school managements and even the government that mere organizing meetings was not enough but they should come up with some concrete solutions to the problem. He said the state government hotchpotch the issue hitting the educations sector severely

``First the government stated that the school managements can not charge any fees and then the orders were issued to charge only tuition fee. When the various school managements reached Punjab and Haryana High Court for redressal of their grievances, the honourable Court ordered schools to charge tuition fee and 70 per cent of the total charges and also pay 70 per cent salaries to the staff. What the government is doing. Just sleeping over the matter”, asked Mr. Chhina

Taking a holistic view of the scenario he said it is the primary duty of the government to provide education to the society. ``We all know that the government schools are facing financial crunch. If the private schools are helping the society by offering modern and professional education in their schools, why the government is bent upon closing these schools forever”, asked Mr. Chhina.

He further said the government must take the responsibility to bear the costs of the fees of the lockdown period to the parents so that their wards education does not suffer and the school managements are also able to disburse full salaries to their staff. ``No school management, may be any rich, can bear the cost of running schools for long period of time, without getting the fees from parents”, he lamented.

He said it is true that the parents are financially hit due to the lockdown and are under tremendous pressure to pay fees of their wards. “The lockdown has financially hit the parents who are finding it difficult to pay the fees. It is a genuine problem being faced by the parents. The government must come forward to bear the cost of the fees of the students to the benefit of the parents”, said Mr.Chhina.

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