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CISF lifts the running trophy as the best team in the NHRC debate competition for CAPFs

Mr. Justice Arun Mishra, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission said that some special laws like UAPA were enacted to protect human rights not to take away them. The concept of using proportionate force in dealing with an adversary has been embedded in the Indian idea of Manav Dharma. The promotion and protection of human rights is a valued part of Indian culture, philosophy, and practice having the genesis in ancient Indian scriptures right since the ‘Rig Veda’. This was reflected in the Ramayana period when Lord Ram advised Laxman to use proportionate force and not a weapon of mass destruction during the war, and even in the Mahabharata period, when the warriors fought on principles, and after sun set visited the opposite camps to care of the wounded.

Justice Mishra was addressing the gathering as the Chief Guest of the 27th NHRC Annual Debate Competition for the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) organized in collaboration with the CISF in New Delhi today. He said that the ancient Indian values guide people to protect and promote all elements in nature, which are so essential for life on earth. Technology bereft of morals will be destructive to the environment and therefore, life on the earth.

He lauded the role of the armed forces in protecting the security and integrity of the nation and providing safety to the citizens braving adverse situations. Referring to the topic of the debate competition – “Maintenance of Human Rights is the primary pre-requisite for Rule of Law & Constitutional Governance”, the NHRC Chairperson said that though it was more challenging for those who spoke against the motion, the arguments given by the participants for and against the motion indicate their sensibility and understanding of the respect human rights require to be given during their operations, which is the aim of this debate competition for Central Armed Police Forces.

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