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CM announces to make Punjab water logging free through meticulous planning and flawless execution

Fazilka/ Sri Muktsar Sahib, (Global News) Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday said that the state government will evolve a foolproof plan for eradicating water logging from the state especially the Malwa region.

The Chief Minister, who undertook a whirlwind tour of the water logging effected villages of Sri Muktsar Sahib and Fazilka districts, said that he had asked the officers to prepare a foolproof plan for ensuring that the scourge of water logging is eliminated in entire state at the earliest. He said that the state government will start work on this project at war footing so that the devastation caused by water logging is checked immediately. Bhagwant Mann said that there is no dearth of funds for this noble cause as state government is duty bound to ensure that the problem of water logging is solved at the earliest.

The Chief Minister assured the farmers that from next year water logging will no longer bring misery in any part of the state as state government will ensure meticulous planning and flawless execution for it. He said that the state government will ensure that this problem is mitigated at the earliest. Bhagwant Mann asked the officers to take every remedial step for ensuring that no stone is left unturned for making Punjab water logging free state.

The Chief Minister said that water logging had since long been a major problem in the state. However, he bemoaned that none of the successive state governments have taken any step to tame this problem. Bhagwant Mann said that rather the lack lustre approach of these governments have added to the misery of people.

Assailing that the previous state government, the Chief Minister said that the previous governments have never taken this problem seriously due to which the situation has aggravated now. He said that faulty planning and haphazard execution of anti-water logging measures during previous regimes have added to the woes of the farmers of the region. Bhagwant Mann said that the state government will take all possible corrective measures for giving relief to the farmers.

The Chief Minister also announced that food growers of state will be duly compensated for the loss incurred by them due to nature’s fury. He asked the officers to immediately start the disbursement of the compensation to water logging effected farmers. Likewise, Bhagwant Mann asked them to ensure that Girdawari for assessing the loss incurred by the farmers is conducted without any delay.

The Chief Minister said that the state government is firmly committed for compensating the farmers without any delay. He said that every effort will be made for bailing out the farmers from the current crisis. Bhagwant Mann assured the farmers the state government is fully with them in this hour of distress.

The Chief Minister further said that the state government is committed to fulfil every promise made with people of state. He said that on coming Independence Day 75 Aam Aadmi clinics will be dedicated to people for providing them free treatment. Likewise, Bhagwant Mann said that state government is fully aware of need of people and every grievance of public will be redressed.

The Chief Minister further said that the state government is also making strenuous efforts for finding a viable solution for the problem of paddy straw burning. He said that the state government has also flagged the issue with the union government. Bhagwant Mann expressed hope that this problem will be solved at the earliest.

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