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Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday expressed deep shock and anguish over the beastly act of sexual assault on two women in Manipur and pleaded for exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

In a statement issued here today, the Chief Minister said that it is unfortunate that the hapless women became victims of this heinous crime against humanity. Bhagwant Mann said that this barbaric incident is a huge blot on the conscience of the nation adding that this incident needs to be condemned by one and all. He said that this is a dastardly and inhuman act due to which every countrymen is feeling ashamed today.

Batting for exemplary punishment for the culprits, the Chief Minister said that such offenders do not deserve leniency and they should be dealt with as per the law of land by meting out the severest of the severe punishment to them so that it could act as a deterrent for others too. Bhagwant Mann said that the centre and state government should ensure that the accused are brought to book at the earliest so that the justice can be dispensed to the victim’s family, friends and their well wishers. Reiterating his stand to ensure modesty and dignity of women, he said that no stone should be left unturned for this noble cause.

The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister of the country should immediately intervene into the matter and ensure exemplary punishment to the culprits. He said that the situation in Manipur is going out of control and the Prime Minister should also focus on it. Bhagwant Mann unequivocally said that such insane and inhumane acts have no place in any civilized society and the entire country should unanimously condemn it in one voice.

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