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CM's nautanki at Khatkad Kalaan a disrespect to Shaheed-e-Azam: SAD president

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) - The SAD today described Captain Amarinder Singh's Dharna at Khatkar Kalaan as "shameful   political nautanki at a very solemn place."

"If at all he had to go there, he should have done so after issuing an Ordinance declaring the Punjab state an agricultural market to render the center's bill invalid in the state, and withdrawing his own APMC implemented in Punjab 2017 with the same provisions which the center's new Acts  contain, " said the party president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal in a statement here this afternoon .

  " Would Shaheed-e-Azam's soul be happy seeing such nautanki being enacted by the very people whom he opposed when he was alive? Do  Amarinder & co share any of part of Sardar Bhagat Singh's ideology?

The SAD president also recalled how some people had launched a party called the PPP, swearing by the soil of Khatkar Kalaan just a few years ago. "Where is the founder of that party now?  Where is that party? And where is that oath?"   The people who disrespected Shaheed e Azam by swearing on oath by his name have now joined the Congress, a party Shaheed e Azam opposed, said Mr Badal, adding that those enacting "political jumoorie at Khatkar Kalaan today actually sowed disrespect to the great by trying to exploit his while actually doing everything he opposed

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