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Comfy sanitary pads offer 80% better absorption in a new campaign featuring Shraddha Kapoor

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) : Comfy Snug Fit, a fast-growing menstrual hygiene brand from the house of Amrutanjan Health Care Limited (Amrutanjan Health Care), unveiled its latest TV campaign featuring the popular actress Shraddha Kapoor. Busy and active women of today have to navigate various dynamic situations, and the brand empowers them with the kind of period comfort they need to carry out their activities with ease. With this campaign, the brand seeks to brings alive its promise of #ThePowerToBeYou in a fresh, modern and vibrant voice.

Comfy has, since inception, aimed to increase awareness about menstrual hygiene and educate women about the benefits of using sanitary pads. To this end it has made sanitary pads easily accessible to women in India, providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Mr. S. Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, said, “Even today in many regions of our country, there is lack of awareness and education about women's menstrual health and hygiene, and it is still considered a taboo. As a purpose-driven organisation, we have initiated many campaigns on the importance of menstrual health and how it can empower our women. We have been consistently working towards high-quality hygiene solutions at an affordable price. And now we want to strengthen the Comfy Snug Fit brand with a stronger distribution network in both rural and urban areas, making the product easily accessible. Over the last five years, Comfy has expanded fivefold, and our ambition is to become one of the top three menstrual hygiene brands in India."

The new campaign catches Shraddha Kapoor navigating physically active situations with ease. The TVC opens with Shraddha walking down a passage into a dance studio followed by a shot of her in an aerial yoga posture, transitioning to the actress riding a horse comfortably in a shoot, and finally partying with her friends. The film shows challenging postures that women tend to avoid during their periods due to fear of staining.

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