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Community based event organized for pregnant women at Bapu Dham Anganwadi Centre

A Community based event was organized at Bapu Dham Anganwadi Centre with the theme of “Godhbharai - Inviting women during the first/second trimester of pregnancy”. Approx. 55 no. of beneficiaries participated in the event. 05 Pregnant Women were counselled along with their Husband/Mother-in-Law and Caregivers for safe pregnancy. Anganwadi Workers explained the importance of Ante Natal Check-ups as per the prescribed schedule by Department of Health and registration of pregnant women at Anganwadis. The family members were sensitised to create supportive environment at home during pregnancy and provide special care to the women

During the event ‘POSHAN ki Tokri’ comprising nutritious ingredients and Supplements like Gur Channa, green leafy vegetables, fruits, IFA tablets and calcium along with diet chart and IEC Material were distributed among the Pregnant Women. The event was followed by traditional rituals, POSHAN songs and awareness messages.

Community-Based events are envisaged as a platform for disseminating essential messages to pregnant and lactating women, Family members and CareGivers on appropriate health and nutrition behaviour. These events are being celebrated in all 450 Anganwadi twice in a month with five themes:-

• Godhbharai - Inviting women during the first/second trimester of pregnancy

• Annaprasan Diwas - Initiation of Complementary Feeding

• Suposhan Diwas (Specifically focused on orienting husbands)

• Celebrating coming of age – getting ready for preschool at AWC

• Messages related to public health for improvement of nutrition and to reduce illness.

From June, 2018 onwards, total 30875 nos. of Community Based Events have been organized for disseminating essential messages and to counsel Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women, and Lactating Mothers at all Anganwadi Centres twice in a month

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