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Complaint against Film Actor Akshay Kumar for using vulgar/double-meaning /indecent dialogue

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) : Advocate H.C. Arora, has filed two separate complaints (i) in Punjab State Women Commission, Chandigarh, and (ii) ASIC (Advertising Standards Council of India, Mumbai , against Film Actor, Akshay Kumar, and Dollar company for allegedly using vulgar/double-meaning /indecent/objectionable dialogue in advertisement of under garments on electronic media.

In his complaint filed on Wednesday (before State Women Commission) through e-mail, along with video recording of the advertisement, the complainant has alleged that “an advertisement is being displayed these days on electronic TV channels, particularly INDIA TV, for giving publicity to under garments manufactured by respondent no.2. Respondent no.1 Film Actor is seen in the advertisement, as speaking double-meaning vulgar/obscene dialogue towards the end of the advertisement. A video link to the video containing the above advertisement is stated hereunder:-


The complainant lawyer has further stated that “the concluding dialogue in the above said advertisement is completely vulgar, and if a girl child/ daughter may ask her father, as to what the concluding dialogue in the advertisement means, the father would not be able to explain or disclose to the daughter as to what this dialogue means.”

The lawyer has further stated that “the aforesaid dialogue is quite embarrassing for the parents who may be watching TV along with their daughters. They cannot shut the TV channel, as the advertisement suddenly comes almost every half an hour. The complainant is not in a position to reproduce the said dialogue in the body of this complaint. The video link of the advertisement has however, been reproduced hereinabove. In the interest of maintaining respect towards womanhood, the respondents are required to be directed to stop displaying this advertisement on electronic TV channels with immediate effect, as otherwise too, exhibition of obscene or vulgar advertisement on electronic channels is an offence under the Indian Penal Code and under Information Technology Act.”

The complainant has therefore, prayed that Hon’ble State Women Commission may kindly take appropriate action against Film actor, Akshay Kumar, and advertising company (DOLLAR).

In a separate complaint lodged with Advertising Standards Council of India, Mumbai, on Friday morning, the lawyer has alleged that aforesaid advertisement is indecent, objectionable, vulgar, and double-meaning, and for that reason, it is in violation of advertising code of India. He has therefore prayed for removing this advertisement from electronic channels.