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Cong MPs have failed to deliver,Aujla in Amritsar shaming his voters : Chugh

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh made a mockery of Amritsar Congress MP Gurjit Singh Aujla for threatening to launch an agitation against drugs in Amritsar. Chugh said Aujla has been sleeping all the five years when the Congress was in power and now when the Congress is facing a humiliating defeat he is raising noise against drugs.

"It is a matter of shame on the part of the Congress MP to raise this issue at this stage when Punjab has already decided to throw the Congress out of power", he said.

Chugh wondered why was Aujla silent all these years if he admits today that Amritsar has been a haven for drug mafias. "Aujla is cheating people in Amritsar and is playing a double game now," Chugh said.

The BJP leader wondered why the Congress MPs are up in arms against the Congress government. " Be it Dimpa, Tiwari, Parneet Kaur or Aujla, nobody seemed to be standing by the party and the Congress is sending very confusing signals in the state when it cannot hold its army of MPs together", Chugh said.

It is a blatant failure of the Congress high command and now the Congress is decisively going to be wiped out of Punjab, Chugh added.

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