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Ludhiana: In a significant development, the Congress party warmly welcomed back former MLA Jassi Khangura, who recently rejoined the party, expressing confidence in the leadership of Raja Warring and the party's prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. At a press conference held today, Khangura affirmed his faith in the Congress's ability to emerge victorious, dismissing AAP's potential to secure more than 25% of the votes. He also emphasized that the contest is primarily between Congress and AAP as both Akali Dal and BJP have already been rejected by the people of Punjab due to their anti- Punjab stance.

Key party figures including Ex-Minister S. Brahm Mohindra and former MLA Sh. Sanjay Talwar joined Raja Warring in welcoming Khangura back into the party fold.

Ex-Minister S. Brahm Mohindra criticized turncoat politicians, highlighting their lack of loyalty and commitment to their original parties. He took a swipe at BJP, dubbing it "Congress Yukt BJP" and pledged his support to Raja Warring's leadership. Mohindra condemned negative politics and urged politicians to focus on positive endeavours for the welfare of the people.

Speaking at the occasion, Raja Warring expressed his happiness at Khangura's return, "I am grateful for Jassi Khangura's return to the party. His commitment to the people's welfare is commendable, and together, we will strive to protect the principles of democracy." He highlighted the importance of unity within the party and called for appreciation of the party's contributions to its members.

When asked to comment on the recent controversy regarding BJP Ludhiana Candidate Ravneet Bittu's receiving notice to pay his house rent which is pending since 2016, Warring dismissed it as a normal process to get NOC before elections. He criticized Bittu's possession of multiple houses and highlighted the disparity between his actions and those of other Members of Parliament.

Warring criticized AAP' lack of vision for Punjab, particularly for Ludhiana's industries. He announced the preparation of a comprehensive vision document addressing various issues faced by Ludhiana, including health infrastructure, pollution, traffic, and industry migration.

Raja Warring concluded the conference by announcing the date of his nomination filing as 13th May 2024 and reaffirming his commitment to the fight against divisive politics and for the welfare of the people of Punjab.

Continuing his election campaign, Raja Warring traversed various areas of Ludhiana, actively engaging with industrialists to understand and address their concerns. His endeavours resonated well with the people of Punjab, particularly with the industrial sector, garnering significant support.



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