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Congress warns AAP against pushing Punjab towards bankruptcy

CHANDIGARH, December 7: Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today warned the Aam Aadmi Party government against pushing Punjab economy towards bankruptcy, beyond redemption by ill conceived populist freebies without making any proper financial arrangements for the same.

In a statement issued here , Warring said, under the AAP government Punjab had got the dubious distinction of having the “record” Debt to GSDP ratio at 53.3 percent, which is highest in the country.

Instead of taking any corrective and remedial measures, the AAP government was resorting to “wanton populism” that would further bleed the economy and eventually lead to its collapse and complete financial bankruptcy, he added.

Warring questioned the sincerity of AAP government’s intentions of actually providing any relief to people. “When you know you can’t afford something you are promising, you are only cheating people”, he told the AAP government, while adding, the way it (government) was going on ‘freebie-spree’, without making any financial back up plans, the economy was bound to get doomed.

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