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Courts Proceedings in Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh-Physical hearing ordered by HC

Chandigarh (Aditi) Chairman of Punjab & Haryana Bar council has siad that The Bar Council expresses its gratitude as The Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana has been very kind enough to consider our representation and subsequently passed an order dated 06.10.2020 addressed to the District and Session Judges in the State of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh for starting of Physical Hearing along with the existing system of virtual hearing of cases.

The Administrative Committee of the Hon’ble High Court had also

invited the representatives of the Bar Council in its meeting held on 08.10.2020

and had discussed in detail the difficulties being faced by the lawyers especially

the youngsters during this difficult phase of Covid-19 which has affected each

and everyone of our community. The Hon’ble Administrative Committee of the

High Court has very graciously accepted certain suggestions for redressal of the

difficulties of advocates and in this regard further communication dated

09.10.2020 has been issued by the Hon’ble High Court which ipso facto is

highly appreciable especially considering the present precarious situation.

In view of the above positive response shown by Lordships for mitigating

the difficulties of the legal fraternity the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana,

Chandigarh feels that there is no need to proceed further to press the proposed

mode for acceptance of demands and as such the same is withdrawn.

The Bar council however genuinely hopes and requests that the

difficulties of lawyers which may be brought to the notice of Hon’ble Judges

would meet favorable considerations.