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Cremation of dead bodies of corona victims-Social Workers engaged in this also Warriors

Chandigarh (Aditi) An appeal has been made to chief Minister to recognize social workers engaged in cremation of dead bodies of corona victims as corona warriors. In his letter to CM Advocate Hari Chand has stated that It has come to my notice that Sh. Sonu Maheshwari, a young man of 40 years of age, who is Chairman of Noujawan Welfare Society (Registered) Bathinda (Mobile No.91-98034-02002), along with his team members, which include (i) Bharat Singla; (ii) Mukesh Singla; (iii) Lali Singh; (iv) Kamaljit Singh; (v) Sukhpreet Singh; (vi) Ashok Nirmal; (vii) Ankit Kumar; (viii) Jaskaran Singh; (ix) Bhushan Bansal; (xi) Rajwinder Dhaliwal; (xii) Jagdeep Singh, is actively engaged in social work of cremation of the dead bodies of corona victims and they are assisting the local administration at Bathinda in cremation of dead bodies .

He has stated that these days, when even the relatives of the persons who die of corona, are hesitating to come near their dead body ‘these selfless social workers are wearing PPE kits and actively engaging themselves in the funeral/cremation of the dead bodies of corona victims. In the process, they are daily risking their own safety. They deserve highest honours from the society and from the Government. They are taking great risk of getting inflicted with corona, in the process of cremation of dead bodies. They are precious assets of our society. They have rare human values. They are the sages of modern age, to say the least. Their  dedication to human values, and bravery is unparalleled and exemplary, and  deserves to be appreciated by one and all.

That to give a few instances of the actual cremation of dead bodies of corona victims, in which Sh. Sonu Maheshwari along with his team of young  social workers, has actively participated,in the recent past, during last fortnight. He has called upon to kindly consider this matter on priority, for granting the status of corona warriors to all such Social Workers, who are participating in the cremation of dead bodies of corona victims, by treating them at par with the Government employees/doctors, who are fighting on the frontline against corona, in the matter of grant of ex-gratia and other benefits of free medical treatment. They may also be honoured on January, 26th next, at State level. That would inspire the youth of this Country/Punjab

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