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Desh Bhagat Hospital honored health care workers

Chandigarh (Aditi) A meet of healthcare workers was organized to honor them for their relentless contribution during these tough times of COVID-19 outbreak. They shared their experiences and challenges faced by them and thanked the management of DBU for this recognition. Masks  were  distributed  to  them for  their  safety  and  also  as  a  token  of  appreciation.

The specialists of Desh Bhagat Hospital discussed the impact of COVID-19 on patients suffering from various diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic Respiratory Disorders etc, and precautionary measures to be taken by such patients.

Dr. Baljit Singh, CMO Desh Bhagat Hospital, said, “we have expert medical fraternity and well equipped laboratory, pharmacy and ECG, X-ray, and Ultrasound services to meet all the exigencies for the patients.”

Dr. Zora Singh,  Chancellor and Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Pro Chancellor, “said our motive is to make healthcare comprehensive, affordable, and standardized for everyone. We have inducted Surgeons in allopathy as well as in Ayurveda. We should all join hands and work together to make an impact in society.” 

They saluted the front line heroes for providing tireless services during pandemic COVID-19.