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Desh Bhagat University celebrated the sixth International Yoga Day

Chandigarh (Aditi) Desh Bhagat University, celebrated the sixth International Yoga Day through online webinar as the deadly coronavirus has disrupted life across the world and forced everyone everyone to be away from social gatherings. “This year, we are celebrating International Day of Yoga with the theme ‘Yoga - To fight against Corona ’,” said Dr. Zora Singh, Chancellor Desh Bhagat University on June 21st 2020. A webinar was scheduled for students, teachers and community members to practice & perform Yoga. On the occasion Professor Dr. Anil Joshi of Desh Bhagat Ayurveda College and Hospital conducted a virtual session on common yoga protocol with Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Dhyana (meditation).

Radio jockey Lovely lady Sangmitra from DBR,107.8 FM, also attended the webinar.

Pro. Chancellor Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Inaugurated the event with her motivational speech. In her address she mentioned the multidimensional benefits of inculcating yoga as part of one’s life. The session was attended by more than 1450 health enthusiasts including students, teachers and community members.

Vice Chancellor said “Every year we celebrate this day with great fervor and zeal at Desh Bhagat University and this year we decided to take the celebrations to every home through the digital platform.” We hope our endeavor will inspire more people to adopt yoga in their lives.

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