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Despite loss of thousands of lives in first and second wave of Corona, government has not learned an

State government should seriously address issues related to shortage of beds, ventilators, ICU oxygen

Chandigarh, (Aditi) – President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee Kumari Selja said that the BJP-JJP alliance government of the state is not serious in view of the possible threat of third wave of Corona. In view of the horrific scenarios of the second wave of Corona, the state government had made big announcements, which have not been fulfilled till date.

In a statement issued here today, Kumari Selja said that even after the loss of thousands of lives in the first and second wave of Corona, the BJP-JJP government has not learned any lessons. All government and non-government agencies are constantly warning about the danger of third wave, but the state government is proving to be unsuccessful in completing the preparations at the ground level.

Kumari Selja said that apart from AIIMS and ICMR, many other government and non-government agencies have issued warnings about the third wave of Corona, which is said to be more frightening and may have more effect on children. Despite this, even today the government hospitals, community health centers and primary health centers of Haryana have not been able to become self-sufficient in terms of oxygen. The shortage of oxygen beds, ICUs, ventilators in hospitals could not be met, she added.

The state government had decided to set up oxygen plants in all medical colleges, district hospitals, community health centers and primary health centers. A total of 86 oxygen plants were to be installed, but according to media reports, only 26 oxygen plants have been commissioned so far, while work on 13 plants has not even started till date. In view of more danger to children, the government had claimed to increase 5382 oxygen beds separately for them, but so far only 2478 beds have been increased. As many as 1804 beds were to be increased in ICU for children, but only 749 have been increased. That is, in the matter of increasing the beds of children, even 50 percent of the target has not been met. There was a plan to increase 1159 ventilators in the state, out of which 483 were mentioned only for children. So far only 490 ventilators have come, out of which only 232 are for children, said Kumari Selja.

Kumari Selja said that the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee demands from the state government to immediately remove the shortage of necessary resources like beds, ventilators, ICU oxygen to save the precious lives of the people of the state.