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Doc warns against stern gyming culture without health status evaluation

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : To mark 75th World Health Day, around 100 people were screened during a health camp cum workshop at Evage Automotive, Banur today. The people were screened for their cardiovascular risk factors, blood pressure, blood glucose levels , BMI ,waist circumference and stress levels. During camp the free consultation and counseling were provided by a team of doctors led by Dr. Deepak Puri, director of cardiovascular at Max Hospital, Mohali.

Addressing the workshop, Dr. Puri said that excessive physical activities promoted by gyming culture without evaluation of health status of an individual by medical professionals can prove fatal.

An injudicious use of dietary supplements has alarmingly increased our risk of cardiovascular complications and even death among youngsters nowadays, he asserted.

He further said that relationships are becoming more and more unstable and tolerance levels are decreasing, thereby people are getting addicted to harmful drugs, alcohol, smoking and social media rather than resorting to meaningful family and social interactions.

He explained the importance of de-stressing techniques in our daily life to avoid stress.

Regular Physical activities like yoga, a brisk walk in the park, swimming , aerobics or dancing as well as singing are some of the activities that not only help to de-stress but at the same time burn excess calories , rejuvenate the body and improve immunity, he advised.

He said, it is well known that there is a 10% cardiovascular risk reduction by refraining from use of tobacco, a 10% risk reduction by controlling hypertension or diabetes, 15% risk reduction by controlling blood cholesterol, 18 % reduction of risk by quitting smoking , there is a 59% reduction of cardiovascular risk by brisk walk of 30 minutes for 5 days a weeks, said Dr Puri who is also global chairman of Cardiomersion which promotes the notion of spreading awareness about the comprehensive management of cardiovascular thoracic and other lifestyle diseases.



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