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"EASY VISA" Celebrated Success of 5000+ Visas in 2023 with Easy Visa Successful Clients

Chandigarh: Easyvisa Education Consultants Pvt Ltd and Team Celebrated this successful event with their successful clients who recently received the approvals and visas from the concerned embassy. Do you still believe that the Canadian Embassy is issuing no visas? You're probably wrong because the Punjab Government company EASY VISA License No. 1485/MC-6/MA/JAL recently had a remarkable success, acquiring 5117 visas till December and 359 visas from December 1 to December 15 in 2023. with the help of file-making expertise and guidance offered to their clients. Most of the recent Visas & approvals received in Nov and Dec month clients got the visa on hotel booking on the occasion of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

To share the joy of this great success achieved by the company, EASY VISA organised an event in the Jalandhar office where they spoke about their accomplishments and their confidence that the business will reach even greater heights of success in 2024. In the future talking about these successes, they celebrated this special and great achievement with their employees and their successful clients who recently got the visa approval & stamped visa passports from the concerned embassy and they handed over the same to the clients along with gifts and sweets. Mannat Noor, one of the renowned singers of Punjab, arrived at the seminar and wished the visa holders on their visas.

For getting the most tourist visas, EASY VISA has won Seven awards in the categories of "Best Tourist Visa Consultant" two in the categories "Best Immigration Company” and “Excellency Award” and in the category “Iconic Tourist Visa Consultant of the region”. Every client's file is sent to the head of the approved consultant in Canada (authorized by the Government of Canada) for review before being submitted to the embassy as a crucial step in the visa application process. During the application process, this evaluation assists Easy Visa in obtaining thousands of visas, realizing people's dreams of travelling overseas.



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