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Elections held at PGIMER, Chandigarh

After awaiting for more than 07 years for raising voice against exploitation of the workers at PGIMER, Chandigarh, biennial elections held for PGI Contract workers Union. Sh. Vikramjeet Singh won with 1138 votes casted to him. Workers shown clean sweep with their support and elected Mr Vikramjeet Singh to raise their voice of rights and unnecessary exploitation held with hand in hand gloves by previous panel.

Mr Singh pledged to work as real hero to drag the deserving and undelivered rights of the workers since so many years.

All the regular workers Unions PGI Employees’ Union (Non Faculty), HA/SA Union supported Mr Singh for his dedicated approach and well being thought for the workers and will support for its smooth transition throughout the tenure.

The winning party has its President Mr Vikramjeet Singh, Sh Parbhat Singh as General Secretary. Rest of the office bearers will be declared with unanimous decision of the party members.

Mr Singh has heartedly thanked Sh Harbhajan Singh Bhatti, President PGI Employees’ Union (Non Faculty) and its members, Sh Pankaj Sacchan, President Safai Karamchari Union and its members, Sh Rinku Bhagat, President PGI Contract HA/SA Union.

Mr Singh is all set to start the work assiged to the post immediately and is all set to meet Director, PGI for courtesy meeting with an agenda to take up the matter regarding relievers and fix workers after being observed undue advantages given to the implants at the stake of relievers working for couple of years so that transparent formulation be framed in the interest of workers and Institution repute.

Total number of votes polled in the elections were 2968. Out of which 1139 votes casted to Sh Vikramjeet Singh, 853 votes caste to Sh Gopal Thakur, 880 votes casted to Sh Sanjeev and 03 votes to the lady contestant.

A sincere thanks to the Police department for their presence and their efforts throughout day to reach to a successful elections without any hurdles.


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