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Enjoy quick, safe, and affordable cooking with the KENT Jewel Induction Cooktop

New Delhi, (Global News) : No more lighting matches or checking for gas tanks, switch over to smart and innovative cooking with the Kent Jewel Induction Cooktop and cook a variety of mouth-watering meals. High on technology, functionality, and aesthetics, the induction-based cooktop is also safer than conventional gas or electric cookers.

Loaded with features, KENT Jewel Induction Cooktop has 2000W power consumption, eight pre-set menus, including Curry, Fry, Roti, Keep Warm, Soup, Water, Milk Boiling, and Rice that allows you to prepare delectable curries and fried foods or nutritious soups. Simply choose your preference from the LED display, and the cooktop will work its magic! The induction can also be turned to manual mode so that you can change the heat and other settings to suit your needs.

Also, the touch-sensitive panel of the KENT Jewel Induction Cooktop features feather-touch buttons for simpler operation. You can stay informed about the modes and settings thanks to its digital features and LED display.

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