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Farmers crying hoarse, economy tottering, free power a political hoax : Chugh

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that the first one month of the AAP's government in Punjab has been completely disappointing for the people.

Chugh said besides making hollow and deceptive promises the AAP still seems to be in wilderness.

"The government's announcement to provide 300 units of free power would be creating a big divide in the society, and by saying that anybody consuming even one unit more than 300 units in a month will be paying the entire tariff through his nose is only a mockery that the AAP government is playing on the people of Punjab", he said.

Chugh also ridiculed the AAP government's decision to do investigation in the Punjab debt amounting to more than Rs three lakh crores saying that the chief minister Bhagwant Mann needs to learn basic lessons in economics. "Bhagwant Mann thinks somebody has pocketed the entire money. It is time he picks up lessons in fiscal discipline and does some better job for the state instead of making hilarious announcements like that", Chugh said.

He said wheat procurement in the state has left farmers disappointed and there is fresh wave of farmers' suicides in the state. "This was the first test of the AAP government to provide relief to the farmers, but the government has failed miserably to protect the interests of the farming community", he said.