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Four estranged couple reunited at Fatehgarh sahib Lok Adalat

Fatehgarh Sahib (Global News) In order to ensure speedy and hassle free dispensation of justice under the guidance/directions of National Legal Services authority (NALSA) and Punjab State Legal Services Authority, National Lok Adalat was held in Sessions Division Fatehgarh Sahib and Sub Division Amloh and Khamanon.

Nirbhow Singh Gill, Chairman, District Legal Service Authority informed that besides the matrimonial cases, cases under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, compoundable criminal cases, civil cases, motor accident claim cases, traffic challans were taken in the National Lok Adalat and around Seventeen Hundred number of cases were settled with an amount of Rs. 135070625/-. Peace and harmony was restored with the efforts of Lok Adalat when a six old execution case was compromised between the parties of the same village. 3 five year old cases pertaining to Negotiable Instrument Act have also been settled between the same parties and four estranged couple were also reunited by the Family Court.

The Lok Adalat was grand success as litigants participated in large number.