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Soon after the Congress Party MLA from Qadian and former Rajya Sabha MP Partap Singh Bajwa’s letter to the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann requesting him to issue directions to clear the pending dues of the sugarcane farmers in the state the management of Dhuri based Bhagwanpura Sugar Mills and Indian Sucrose Limited (ISL) in Hoshiarpur has issued a statement.

The management stated that “the first and foremost reason behind establishing any sugar mill is the welfare of farmers. Unfortunately, during previous regimes, the interests of sugar mills were neglected, and the management did not get the necessary support and handholding required from the state government for smooth functioning of the industry. This is a fact that we feel, has immensely contributed to the creation of a slight feeling of mistrust between the farmers and the sugar mills management.

Despite a lot of hue and cry, the previous government in the state paid no heed to even the most genuine and critical needs of the industry. It has resulted in shaking the industry to its core, leaving almost no room for survival. Still, the management continued to fulfill its responsibility towards the sugarcane farmers because at the end of the day we care for them.

The current government, however, has clearly indicated its unflinching dedication towards the welfare of all sections of the society particularly farmers and Bhagwanpura Sugar Mills & ISL is extending all possible support to the current government in its endeavour for the prosperity of farmers. Government has assured that any unlawful activity hampering the smooth operations of the industry will be handled appropriately. This has not only re-assured the industry but also instilled the much-needed confidence in the state’s leadership.

Bhagwanpura Sugar Mills and ISL is fully committed for the welfare of sugarcane farmers and will prove it through its actions towards giving the farmers fair and timely payment for their produce subsequently leading to their happiness and well-being. We are already disbursing the dues and we are going to expedite the payment process in days to come to safeguard the interests of farmers.

We reiterate our commitment to work shoulder to shoulder with the government. We are sure that with their co-operation and support we will deal with this situation in a fair, transparent and amicable manner and surely overcome this feeling of mistrust between the farmers and the sugar mills management.