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Godrej Group, unveils the 5th edition of Godrej Food Trends Report

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet) : The fifth edition of the food trends report by Godrej was unveiled by Mr.Nadir Godrej, Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej Industries Limited in the presence of who’s who of the culinary space in India. Started as an annual initiative in 2018, Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022 - Collector's Edition, saw the coming together of over 200+ thought leaders that included celebrity chefs, home chefs, professional chefs, food bloggers, health professionals, media professionals, mixologists, nutritionists, restaurateurs, sommeliers, food producers, and more, all of whom shared deep insights about their respective areas of expertise.

Some key findings that have emerged for 2022 are:

· REDISCOVERING CULTURE: 55.6% of the culinary panel predict a growing desire amongst people to rediscover cultural roots through food. In the same vein, curiosity about culinary cultures will see people experimenting with cuisines other than their own as per 50.8% expert panel

· SNACKING - With health in sharp focus, 55.6% predict millet-based snacks will be in demand

· DINING IN - Home Delivery is set to soar. More than 80% panel predict that consumers will rely on home-delivered meals from trusted sources

· DINING OUT - Eating for wellness will drive cuisine choices on restaurant menus. 50% panel picked Mountain Cuisines of India, and 48.4% voted for a deeper exploration of North East cuisines.

· HEALTH HYGIENE AND LIFESTYLE: Food safety will be in focus in 2022. 70.8% of the panel weighed in on the need for clean, hygienically packaged meats and seafood from trusted sources. While 45% panel predict a rise in proactive use of home pest relief, hygiene and sanitation products

· DIETARY FAT: Consumption and rotation of fats in the diet will be an important conversation in 2022, more than 80% of our panel see Cold Pressed unrefined oils being popular. While 71% predict gourmet premium ghee varieties will grow

· DESSERTS: 61.7% of the panel predict desserts with healthier claims will prevail, in-home and on dining out menus. 57.4% predict bite-sized, portion-controlled desserts will be popular. Indian Mithai will see a marked more than 40% of the panel weighing in on a growing sense of pride in traditional, regional Indian sweets and mithais at home and 50% predicting a rise in popularity for Gourmet Mithai from the Industry (high end options for traditional Indian sweets).

· BEVERAGES: India has woken up to Gourmet Indian coffee. 70% of the expert panel predict Gourmet Indian coffee as the top focus in 2022 in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Segment, while more than 50% see Gourmet Indian origin artisanal coffee/tea brands being popular in homes.

· FOOD STUDIES: More than 55% panel see people investing in documenting culinary heritage while 64.1% of professionals will invest in super-specialisation in hospitality programs (eg. specialisation in Wines, Mixology, Breads, etc)

Commenting on the Godrej Foods Trends Report, Tanya Dubash - Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer, Godrej, said, “I am happy to present the 2022 Collector’s edition of the Godrej Food Trends Report. The objective has been to bring together the best minds from the food industry and collectively track the emerging trends in the food space.”