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Governor launches Swachh Chandigarh Song “Rakhna Sambhaal Chandigarh”

Chandigarh: Banwarilal Purohit, Governor, Punjab and Administrator, UT, Chandigarh today launched the Swachh Chandigarh song “Rakhna Sambhaal Chandigarh”, composed and sung by India’s heart throb, famous bollywood singer B.Praak.

Anup Gupta, Mayor, Chandigrh, Nitin Kumar Yadav, IAS, Secretary Local Govt.,Parveer Ranjan, IPS, DGP, Chandigarh, Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, MCC, Kanwarjeet Singh, Senior Deputy Mayor, Sh. B.Praak, brand ambassador, Swachh Bharat Mission, Chandigarh other councilors and prominent persons of the city were also present during the launch.

While addressing the gathering, the Governor said that the song "Rakhna Sambhal Chandigarh" has been dedicated to the citizens of Chandigarh and shall serve as a reminder of our rich heritage and the importance of cleanliness and responsible citizenship. Commending the Municipal Corporation's efforts in transforming the Swachh Bharat Mission into a mass movement, he praised the city's rise from the 66th rank in Swacch Sarvekshan 2021 to the 12th rank in 2022 and urged citizens to continue their efforts towards making Chandigarh a cleaner and healthier city.

The Governor also lauded the Municipal Corporation for performing exceptionally well in every wing and striving to become the best possible way to be in the top for the Swachh Survekshan 2023. He said that Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has boosted the self-confidence of every citizen. This abhiyan has brought in a permanent change in our social consciousness and our behavior as a society. We have to avoid spitting indiscriminately, throw garbage in the right place separately; we have been able to convey all these things easily, very fast to the ordinary citizens. The city is coming out from the mind-set of being comfortable even after seeing dirt everywhere now those who litter at home or on the public place will sure to get rebuked by our children and by our youth. He said cleanliness campaign is a journey, which will go on continuously.

City Mayor Anup Gupta congratulated every stakeholder of the city and the Municipal Corporation for their collective efforts in improving Chandigarh's cleanliness. He also encouraged them to strive towards restoring Chandigarh's lost glory by making it the number one city in Swacch Sarvekshan 2023.

Municipal Commissioner Anindita Mitra emphasized the importance of individual actions and good practices in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the city. She highlighted the Municipal Corporation's efforts in improving its own systems and raising citizen consciousness towards Swachhata.

She expressed her gratitude to B. Praak for composing the soul-stirring song for the city beautiful and urged all citizens to take the Swachhata campaign as a personal challenge.

B. Praak, the composer behind the Swachh Chandigarh song, expressed his excitement and gratitude to be a part of the Swachhata campaign for the city he loves most. He explained that he composed "Rakhna Sambhal Chandigarh" with the aim of inspiring citizens to take pride in their city's beauty and cleanliness. He hopes that the song will encourage people to adopt good practices and work towards making Chandigarh the cleanest city in India. He thanked the Municipal Corporation for giving him the opportunity to contribute to the Swachh Bharat Mission and promised to support the cause in every possible way.

The launch event was a resounding success, with participants actively engaging and learning about sustainable practices. The Municipal Corporation provided waste segregation bins and composting stations to ensure that the event was a zero-waste affair. The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh urges citizens to adopt sustainable practices and take ownership of their city's cleanliness. Citizens are encouraged to listen to the song and take inspiration from its message to contribute towards making Chandigarh the cleanest city in India. During the launch event, a Swachhata Play on theme “Swachhta ke 4 Rang, Apnaao Sang-Sang” was staged by employees of MCC


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