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Grandmaster Bikram S. Thapa receives National Martial Arts Pride Award 2023

Panchkula: Grandmaster Bikram S. Thapa, founder of Shastrang Martial Art, was honored with the esteemed National Martial Arts Pride Award 2023 by the CMA Sports Foundation. Film actor Suman Talwar were the special guests at the event held at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi.

Grandmaster Bikram S. Thapa said, “I am happy with this award. Shastrang Martial Art is a modernized and scientifically designed technique that emphasizes practicality in self-defense. Its innovative approach makes it accessible to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The technique, with its modern and scientific design, focuses on effective self-defense and easy execution. Shastrang Martial Art serves as the foundation of yoga, as it aims to relieve the body from pain through controlled movements.”

Thapa, a 9th Degree Black belt holder, has made a significant contribution to the martial arts community in the last 39 years. His dedication to the discipline is evident in the fact that he has imparted his knowledge to more than 3,00,000 students across India. Among his students, an impressive 700 have achieved the prestigious black belt status, a testament to his exceptional teaching abilities.

Having embarked on his martial arts journey in 1984, Thapa first acquired a black belt in Taekwondo, followed by one in Karate. His thirst for knowledge and passion for martial arts led him to explore various disciplines, including Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Drawing inspiration from these diverse forms, he went on to innovate and establish his own unique martial art style – the Shastrang Martial Art.

The National Martial Arts Pride Award 2023 serves as a testament to Grandmaster Bikram's unwavering commitment to the martial arts community and his significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. His legacy will continue to inspire and empower aspiring martial artists, ensuring the growth and development of the martial arts community for years to come.

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