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Gurmeet Singh Khudian expresses anguish over farmer's death at Khanauri border

Chandigarh: Punjab Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Gurmeet Singh Khudian on Wednesday strongly condemned the death of a young farmer at the Khanauri border, allegedly due to brutal action by the Haryana police against protestors.  S. Khudian stated that such violence against own citizens is unacceptable and called upon the Union Government to intervene immediately to stop the atrocities.

          "The Union Government must step in and end Haryana police brutality against our 'Annadata'," the Agriculture Minister urged. "These farmers, citizens of the world's largest democracy, are peacefully demanding their rights. Haryana's treatment of them is deplorable", he added.

          “These farmers, peacefully voicing their legitimate demands, deserve respect and protection. As residents of the world’s largest democratic country, they should not face brutality while exercising their rights”, he stated.

          “The glaring double standards exacerbate the situation. While the Union Agriculture Minister extends an olive branch to the protesting farmers, the BJP-led Haryana Government unleashes its police force upon them. This contradictory approach threatens the hard-earned peace of the region and undermines the spirit of dialogue in a democracy”, said S. Khudian.

          S. Gurmeet Singh Khudian extended deepest condolences to the family of the deceased farmer, Shubhkaran Singh of Bathinda district, and pledged every possible support from the Punjab Government. "Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann and our administration remain unwavering in our commitment to farmers welfare. It is our foremost priority", said S. Khudian.



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