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Haryana Government is oppressing the rights of SC and BC

State government withdrew promotion system by Roster System, Congress registers its protest

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet):  Kumari Selja, President Haryana Pradesh  Congress Committee has launched a frontal attack  on the withdrawal of letter by the Haryana state government by which the roster system for promotions in government jobs has been withdrawn. She said that the withdrawal of system was directly an attack on the rights of employees belonging to Scheduled Castes and Backwards Classes.

She said that the state government had issued letter to implement roster system for promotions in the month of November 2018. However, now, in its bid to scrap all reservations, the state government was releasing new letters from time to time. In this context the letter issued in November 2018 has been withdrawn by issuing another letter on 23rd June, 2020 She said that thousands of employees coming from SC and BC categories have been adversely affected by this new letter. As per the existing roster policy, promotion of SC and BC employees were due as per the policy of reservation. “But it is quite surprising that none of the departments followed the directions of the government.”  Now, the decision of Haryana Government was exposing the actual working and the thought process of the BJP  to oppose reservation in jobs.

Kumari Selja accused the state government of hindering the promotion of SC and BC category and not complying with the policy of promotion as per roster. She also referred the matter of denying the promotion of SDO to Executive Engineer in recent past in which the state government had  not followed the roster system of promotion. However, the Punjab and Haryana High Court intervened and imposed a stay on the promotion till the next hearing on July 3. But the government has in the mean time exposed itself on  its intentions on the issue of promotion and revealed its true colours in its attitude towards the poorest of poor.

 Actually, there was a need to take a re look at some rules of promotion in class 1 and class 2 jobs .  She suggested that in order to help the deprived section of the society, in the system of preparing seniority list the rule of not changing the order of merit needs to be reviewed. It should be changed in a way so that the employees under SC and BC categories can have better representation by changing the order of merit accordingly.  She said that it was only the State of Haryana that was not following the system of reservation in promotion in class one and class two jobs . In all other states, the system of promotion is on the basis of roster system for not only class one or two but for all the classes from class one to class four.

Kumari Selja said that the government was deliberately infringing the rights of SC and BC category which will not be be tolerated under any condition. This decision has to be taken back immediately and the old system of promotion by roster system should be reinstated in all categories of promotion.

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