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Hong Seh Motors Launches New Website For Affordable Car Leasing & Commercial EV Leasing Plans

Premier car leasing company in Singapore, Hong Seh Motors, is announcing the launch of their new website. With this announcement, Hong Seh Motors is heralding a new age in car leasing in Singapore.

Aspiring car owners are bogged down and intimidated by sky-high COE prices and other fees when buying a car. But Hong Seh Motors aims to make car rental more seamless and affordable for the everyday Singaporean.

This website will become an all-in-one platform for leasing some of the top car brands in the country. Those who want to lease a vehicle for an affordable monthly fee can now do so through this platform, allowing them to pick a make and model of their choosing.

Some car brands carried by Hong Seh Motors include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Lexus. They also have the latest models, allowing drivers the chance to use newly-released vehicles for personal or corporate use.

As a Singapore first, Hong Seh Motors also offers electric van rental in Singapore. Businesses that need a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transport for commercial purposes will surely welcome Hong Seh Motors' affordable EV rental packages. They can choose from several models from top EV brands, like DFSK and BYD.