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I feel happy that our culture and heritage are in safe hands: Badshah

Sony Entertainment Television’s talent reality show, India’s Got Talent is winning hearts with a spectacular display of talent that are high on entertainment value. From jaw dropping aerial acts to astonishing malkhamb stunts, electrifying dance moves and soulful melodies, this weekend’s episode will be an explosion of entertainment and talent! Putting their best foot forward with their extraordinary ‘hunar’, the ‘rarest gems’ of India will leave no stone unturned to impress the judge’s trio - Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Badshah. And, making the episode extra special will the versatile actor, Anupam Kher, who will come as the guest judge.

Taking the audience on a mesmerizing journey of melody and harmony, Raaga Fuzion Band i.e Jayant Patnaik (Ludhiana), Ajay Tiwari (MP), Amritanshu Dutta (Patna) and Harshit Shankar (Patna) will showcase extraordinary talent with a unique blend of musical styles and cultures in their rendition of ‘Albela Sajan Aayo Re’. The group brings together the richness of Indian classical music and the vibrancy of contemporary genres. Their seamless fusion of ragas and rhythms will create a musical experience that transcends boundaries; appealing to one and all.

Mesmerised by their performance judge Badshah will say, "I rarely use this word, but I must say it was a flawless performance. I was trying to find mistakes, but I couldn't find any, and I got emotional thinking about the kind of talent I am witnessing on this stage. The moment you took the first aalap, I remembered Hariharan Sir and the solo piece, along with the guitar piece was amazing. Your performance was outstanding, especially the mouth persuasions, which was so strong. When I see such bands, I feel happy that our culture and heritage are in safe hands. The end crescendo was so grand. This was a blockbuster act."

Guest judge Anupam Kher who was highly impressed with Raaga Fuzion’s act said, "It was fantastic. It is one of my favourite songs, and you created magic with it. The Veer Ras in the song gives goosebumps. The magic of Indian musical instruments is mesmerizing. You made use of mostly Indian musical instruments, and the way you sang was phenomenal. As I’m from theatre, I felt it was a very theatrical performance."

Will Raaga Fuzion’s melodious act get their hands on the “Golden Buzzer”?


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