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IAS officers made scapegoat for 'political decision' to dissolve panchayats - Balbir Sidhu

SAS Nagar: Punjab BJP vice president and former state health minister Balbir Singh Sidhu today said by suspending two senior IAS in the case of dissolution of panchayats, Bhagwant Mann government has exposed its authoritarian attitude as well it has also turned a blind eye to the "political office bearers" responsible for this illegal decision by making the officials scapegoats.

Mr. Sidhu said that the Bhagwant government should be asked whether the decision to dissolve panchayats was taken by only these two officials of the department or whether the minister of the department and the chief minister of the state had no role in it. He said the truth is that this political decision was taken by the Bhagwant Mann government at the chief ministerial level, which was implemented by these officials through the minister of the department. He further said that now when this decision had to be taken back in the Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana Court fearing of adverse decision, the entire blame was imposed on the two officers.

The former health minister said that according to his information, the minister of the department and the chief minister had accorded approval on the file pertaining to issue the notification to dissolve the panchayats. So they are equally responsible for this illegal decision, he said.

The BJP leader said that incidents of dissolution of panchayats, the decision withdrawn and suspension of two senior IAS officers have proved that "all is not well" in the Bhagwant Mann government. He said that the 'political class' of this government has no experience, there is no coordination between the various organs of the government and neither the bureaucracy nor the political leadership of the state trusts each other. He further said that this is why the government repeatedly takes wrong decisions first and then withdraws them.

Mr. Sidhu said that the ongoing unfortunate conflict of the government with the governor of the state and the employees is also a product of such a situation of lacking trust and coordination. He said that with the stick of black law like ESMA, the government can call its employees to offices, but cannot make them work. So the government should immediately withdraw ESMA and accept the legitimate demands of the employees so that they work diligently for the State, he said.



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