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Important to be aware of early symptoms of heart attack, brain stroke; experts

Faridkot, (global News) : ”Heart ailments remain one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in India accounting for at least 25% of the cases being due to the ignorance in the mild symptoms. While the existing burden is growing rapidly, the onset of winter has the potential to trigger this rate,” 

Addressing a press conference here , Dr. Rohit Mody , director & HOD of interventional cardiology, Max Hospital,Bathinda said that it’s important to be aware of early symptoms of heart attack and brain stroke since early diagnosis of these could lead to early treatment and good outcome. In case one has symptoms for cardiac ailments such as chest heaviness and uneasiness or breathing difficulty and symptoms of stroke including trouble walking, speaking and understanding, as well as paralysis or numbness of the face, arm or leg, it is essential to visit a super speciality hospital with senior clinicians and latest equipment.

He further said that cardiac and stroke ailment increase in winter as cold weather causes blood vessels to tighten in order to preserve core body temperature. That forces BP to rise, putting even more strain on your heart. In order to keep warm, the body’s demand to generate heat rises during winters which induces binge eating and a craving tendency towards junk food. This may cause a state of high calorie intake with minimal physical activity attributing to laziness, leading to weight gain, increase in bad cholesterol and lipid levels. All this causes extra load on the working of our heart which has to pump harder and faster to keep the body function going. 

Dr Pallav Jain, neurologist at Max Hospital Bathinda informed that a stroke is a medical emergency. In this golden hour (initial four hours) is important. Patients who get medical intervention in the golden hour have a much greater chance of surviving and avoiding long-term brain damage if they arrive at the hospital.

We are treating all the critical cases of brain haemorrhage, stroke and spine cases like head injury, spinal injury etc. with the complete team in the department of Neurosciences, he added.



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