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In Chandigarh, it's not the ease of living but the terror-filled living due to crime - Pawan Bansal

Former MP and senior Congress leader Pawan Bansal expressed serious concern over the rising crime cases in Chandigarh. He said that on one hand, the BJP government boasts about ease of living with big advertisements, mentioning even cameras worth lakhs of rupees, but in reality, crime is increasing in the city. The cameras installed in the city are proving ineffective in preventing crimes. Sometimes, charging stations and charger guns worth crores are stolen, and sometimes cases of children being attacked with knives outside schools come to light.

The situation worsened when despite reporting the theft of the cover of the Heritage Manhole to the police, it was stolen again the next day, which is valued at 30 lakh rupees in the international market. Pawan Bansal questioned what the current BJP government is doing, as the failure to provide fundamental amenities such as security, education, and healthcare in the city indicates failure on every front of the current government.



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