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Increase the validity of HTET and start new recruitment of JBT to give relief

Chandigarh, (Gurpreet): President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja has demanded the Haryana government to increase the validity of HTET and start new recruitment of JBT to give relief to thousands of HTET pass candidates. She said that no new recruitment of JBT by the Haryana government in its six years tenure was a clear proof that the government was playing with the future of the youth of the state. This anti-employment move of the government has put at risk the future of thousands of HTET pass candidates.

In a statement issued here today, Kumari Selja said that Haryana has reached the first position in the whole country in terms of unemployment. Instead of giving new jobs in such a terrible environment of unemployment, the Haryana government was halting or ending government job recruitment. In Haryana, validity of 90,000 HTET pass candidates was going to end this month. Under a conspiracy, no recruitment of JBT had been conducted by the Haryana government during its six -year tenure due to which, not even one of these 90,000 HTET pass candidates had got job. Now they have to pass HTET again and there were thousands of such candidates who will not be able to take the eligibility test, because their upper age limit was over.

She said that this was a lewd joke of this government with the educated youth of the state. If the government wanted, the posts of 8000 teachers could be filled, because thousands of posts were vacant. On the one hand there was a huge shortage of teachers in the schools of the state, whereas the government was not recruiting. She said that such conspiracy had been hatched in other government recruitment also. Recently, it had been recommended to cancel the recruitment of Junior System Engineer in Bijli Vitran Nigam. This way thousands of government job recruitment were being abolished and halted, she added.

Kumari Selja said that the anti-employment and anti-youth face of this government has been exposed which used to claim that 75 percent reservation was being provided to local youth in the private sector. Haryana government should increase the validity of HTET with immediate effect and new recruitment of JBT should be started.

Cornering the state government on the registry scam, Kumari Selja said that the new revelations that have been exposed in this scam were very shocking. The BJP leaders themselves were saying that the officers in the tehsil said that no one can do any harm to them, because they send money directly to a big leader in the Haryana government.  She said that earlier the liquor scam was exposed and now within few days the registry scam has come to light in which the allegations were being raised on the people involved in the government. She said that in view of the manner in which the names of big people were revealed in this scam, a high-level inquiry into this scam was extremely necessary. The government should immediately order a high-level inquiry into this scam in a timely manner, she added.

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