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India surpasses UK to become world 5 th largest economy

New Milestones

Today India is the Fastest Growing Economy among G-20 countries.

Today India is at number one in the world in terms of Smartphone Data Consumer.

India ranks second in the world in terms of Internet users.

Today India stands at the second position in the Global Retail Index. India is the third largest

energy consumer country in the world.

The world's third largest consumer market is in India.

India's ranking in the 'innovation index' has improved.

This Year, India exported goods worth $670 billion i.e. 50 lakh crore rupees. Overcoming

every challenge, India made a new record of merchandise export of $418 billion i.e. 31 lakh

crore rupees.

in the last eight years, more than 100 billion-dollar companies have been created and new

companies are being added every month. The valuation of these unicorns created in the last

eight years is about 150 billion dollars today, that is, about 12 lakh crore rupees.

It took us around 800 days to reach the first 10,000 start-ups after 2014. It took less than

200 days for 10,000 new start-ups to join this ecosystem recently. In the last eight years, we

have grown from a few hundred start-ups to 70,000 today. These start-ups are spread

throughout several states as well as smaller cities of India. Moreover, approximately there

are more than 50 different types of start-ups associated with different industries. These are

spread across every state and more than 650 districts of the country. About 50 percent of

the start-ups are in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Digital revolution is an example of the speed with which India has acted over the years.

There were only 6.5 crore broadband subscribers in our country in 2014. Today their

number has exceeded 78 crores.

In 2014, one GB of data used to cost around Rs 200. Today its price has come down to Rs 11-


In 2014, the country had 11 lakh km of optical fiber. Now the length of optical fiber laid in

the country has crossed 28 lakh km.

The government has started a production linked incentive PLI scheme worth about Rs 2 lakh

crore to step up manufacturing in India.

In the last seven-eight years, the Government of India sent money into the accounts of the

beneficiaries with a single click through the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). The amount that

we sent through DBT is more than Rs 22 lakh crore.

We are focusing on multimodal connectivity supporting each other. Sagarmala, Bharat Mala,

Parvat Mala, port-led development.

Today India is witnessing unprecedented investment in social and physical infrastructure. An

environment of consensus has been created to implement the new education policy, while

on the other hand, work is going on to implement the new health policy. Today, a record

number of new airports are being built in India, connecting small cities with air routes. The

amount of work being done on Metro connectivity in India today has never been done

before. A record number of new mobile towers are being installed in India today and 5G is

knocking on the doors of India. A record number of villages are being connected with optical

fiber in India today.