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Indian Economists have high potential to win many more Nobel Prizes : Dr. Hubert Fromlet, Swedbank

IIF, (Global News) : Indian Economists have high potential to win many more Nobel Prizes said Dr. Hubert Fromlet, Swedbank, SWEDEN while addressing in three days IIF International Research Conference and Awards Summit 2020 on 28th September, 2020 with over 198 speakers from 41+ countries 78+ Cities, 85+ research Papers, 101+ Universities. The Conference is chaired and moderated by Prof. Aman Agarwal, Professor of Finance & Dean (IR) Indian Institute of Finance (www.iif.edu) and Executive Editor, Finance India (www.financeindia.org). Prof. Dr. Hubert Fromlet, Professor, Jönköping and Linneaus University, SWEDEN and former Chief Economist, Swedbank, SWEDEN delivered a Special Address to the participants of the conference. While lauding research being undertaken in India, Prof. Hubert said he looks forward to India getting many more Nobel Prizes for quality research work being done in India and would be happy if more females win Nobel Prizes in future. Prof. J.D. Agarwal, while thanking Dr. Fromlet, said his words of motivation would go a long way in motivating researchers present in the conference by producing even more serious and high quality research from India in future to compete for Nobel Prize in future. This research initiative is an attempt in that direction. The Inaugural session of second day was started by Opening Welcome address by Prof. Dr. Manju Agarwal (Dean & Senior Professor of Economics, IIF Business School - AKTU, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA) who welcomed all academicians, researchers and participants on second day of this mega international conference. Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Witold Kolodko, (Deputy Prime Minister of POLAND (1994-97); Finance Minister of POLAND (1994-97; 2002-03); Hony Professor, Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi INDIA) was chief Guest in the Inaugural session, gave a thought provoking speech on “Economics and Politics in the Post-Pandemic World”. The Plenary Keynote address was delivered by Prof. Dr. Sardar M.N. Islam (Professor, Vitoria University, AUSTRALIA) on “Artificial Intelligence and the Emergence of FinTech :  Reconstruction of Finance Theory and Operations” Prof. Dr. Meenakshi Rishi (Eva Albers Professor of Economics, Seattle University, USA & Executive Director, Asso. of Indian Economic & Financial Studies,USA) gave a Special Address on “Green official development Aid and carbon emissions: do institutions matter?”. IIF Alumni Address on “Knowledge Research in Defence Accounts” was delivered by an 1988-90 Alumni of Indian Institute of Finance, Miss. Somi Tondon (former Secretary Finance, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, INDIA). Opening Keynote Address on A Study on Ramificatio of Covid-19 Lockdown on the Firm Performance : Evidence from Manufacturing Sector in India was delivered by Prof. Dr. Parmjit Kaur (Professor, Panjab University, University Business School, Chandigarh, INDIA) while opening Fifth Technical Session. Two research papers were presented by Prof. K.V. Bhanumurthy & Dr. Aninda Goldar from Delhi Technological University and University of Delhi and Srikrishna Bhagwana & Dr. Satish Kumar from CHRIST Deemed to be University, INDIA. The Closing Keynote Address on “Fractal Analysis of Financial Time Series” by Prof. Dr. Rashmi Bhardwaj (Professor of Mathematics and Head, Nonlinear Dynamics Research Lab, University School of Basic & Applied Sciences, GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi, INDIA). The session was concluded with the referee address was delivered by Mr. Anoop Kaul (Consultant and Director, Basix Social Enterprise Group, Delhi,  INDIA). Prof. Dr. Manuel J. Rocha Armada (Full Professor of Finance, University of Minho, PORTUGAL) started the sixth Technical Session with his Opening Keynote Address on Numeracy, Psychological Traits, Cultural Factors and Financial Socialization : Are they determinants of Financial Behaviour ?. Two research papers were presented by researchers during the technical session. The referee address on the research papers was delivered by Mr. Anoop Kaul (Consultant and Director, Basix Social Enterprise Group, Delhi, INDIA; ex General Manager, State Bank of India, INDIA). The session ended with Closing Keynote Address on “Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management in the Hospitality Sector” by  Prof. Dr. Madhu Vij (Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA) The conference also hosted a Doctoral Colloquium Session for Best Doctoral Thesis Award (BDTA) insitituted by Indian Institute of Finance. The Guest of Honour Address on “Reflexions on Geopolitics” was delivered by H.E. Ambassador Dr. Caj L. Soderlund (former Senior Diplomat, Advisor to Prime Minister of Finland and Minister Counsellor Economic Affairs in the Embassy of India for Finland (2001-04), while delivering his Opening Keynote speech, Prof. Dr. N.R. Bhanumurthy (Vice-Chancellor, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics (BASE) University, Karnataka, INDIA; Professor, National Institute of Pubic Finance & Planning, INDIA) gave tips to young researchers and Doctoral students on what are the essential ingredients they need to keep in mind while writing their thesis. Prof. Dr. Yamini Agarwal (Director & Professor of Finance, IIF Business School - AKTU, INDIA & Associate Editor, Finance India, INDIA) gave detailed insights into the Best Doctoral Thesis Award Screening process. Few researchers who have submitted their thesis for the Award also presented the findings of their thesis to the forum. Prof Dr. Kanhaiya Singh (Center Director - Financial Markets Research Center & Professor, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA) and Ms. Rekha Bawa (Assistant Professor, GLA University, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA) gave Special Keynote Address on Impact of Asset-Liability Management on Banks Performance : A study of Select PSU Banks in India. Prof. Dr. Lawrence Kryzanowski (Concordia University, CANADA) gave his though provoking Closing Keynote Address on Board Diversity and Cost of Equity (CoE).                  As a part of second Summit, virtual Book Release Ceremony of Book titled Information for efficient Decision Making big data by Prof. Dr. Bala KR Balachandran (Professor Emeritus, NYU Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, USA & Former Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, USA) took place. The Guest of Honour Address was delivered by Prof. Jonathan Hollander (American Dancer, Choreographer, Educator, Artistic Director and Founder Chairman, Battery Dance Company (1976-), New York, USA, while the Opening Keynote Address was delivered by Prof. Dr. Bala KR Balachandran himself.               The Contributor’s Keynote addresses was given by Prof. Dr. Michael Alles (Professor, Rutgers Business School, New Jersy, New York, USA); Prof. Dr. Glen L. Gray (California State University, California, USA);  Prof. Dr. Julia Margarete Puaschunder (Behavioral Economist & Professor, The New School and The New School for Social Research, New York, USA); Prof. Dr. Joshua Ronen (Professor, NYU Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, USA & Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Law, Finance and Accounting, USA); Prof. Dr. Stephen Bryan (Professor of Accounting, Fordham University, New York, USA); Dr. Pankaj Kumar Medhi (Assistant Professor in Operations Management and Data Analytics, Bennett University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA); Dr. Sameen Arif (Research Fellow, London School of Economics, London, UK & Faculty Lead, Information Technology University, PAKISTAN); Dr. Katrin Tinn (Assistant Professor of Finance, McGill University, Montreal, CANADA); Prof. Dr. Bin Srinidhi (Carlock Endowed Distinguished Professor, University of Texas, Arlington, USA); Prof. Dr. Partha S. Mohanram (John H. Watson Chair in Value Investing, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, CANADA & Editor of Contemporary Accounting Research); Ms. Kimberlyn George, (Doctoral Fellow, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA); Prof. Dr. Aman Agarwal (Professor & Director, Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi & Greater Noida, INDIA & Executive Editor, Finance India, INDIA). The Second day of the conference was attended by over 200 global participants on Zoom, Facebook and Youtube from USA, UK, Hungary, Indonesia, France, Germany, UAE, South Korea, Singapore, China, Macau, Taiwan, India and others. The video of the conference are available on Facebook, Youtube and IIF Website. IIF, research based Non-profit educational institution, is very well known internationally. It is unique, emerging centre of excellence, a base for scholarship and high quality professionally oriented education, research and training. Its Alumni holds senior positions in Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporate, Governments & Academia. IIF has Signed 37+ MOUs with Universities Worldwide.

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