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Innovative Green Management Workshop organized by the Department of Environment

Chandigarh: An innovative Green Management Workshop was organized today by the Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration in collaboration with Government College of Education, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh with Organic Sharing as Knowledge partners. It aimed at providing training and new techniques of gardening to gardeners from schools and colleges in Chandigarh. The Chief Guest of the day was Sh. H.S. Brar, PCS (DSE) and Special Guest Shri Rahul Mahajan, Tree Man, Chandigarh. Mrs. Nidhi Mahajan, President of Organic Sharing also graced the occasion.

The event was initiated with a lamp lightening ceremony followed by the green welcome of the esteemed guests by the Principal of the college Dr. Sapna Nanda. Shri Rahul Mahajan introduced the theme of the workshop and highlighted that the aim is to enhance their skills and knowledge in sustainable and efficient gardening practices and to celebrate the unsung heroes of the Clean, Green and Beautiful City.

Sh. H.S. Brar in his address to the gardeners emphasized that it is an invaluable opportunity for gardeners to learn and exchange ideas on contemporary gardening practices. It showcases a comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide range of topics such as organic gardening, water conservation, pest control, and waste management in gardens. The workshop emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly gardening practices, promoting the use of organic fertilizers, composting, and native plant species for a greener and healthier ecosystem. Furthermore, he focused on effective pest control methods that minimize the use of chemical pesticides, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly environment for both humans and plants. Attention was given to proper waste management techniques, including composting and recycling, to reduce the ecological footprint of gardening activities.

The event was also marked by the appreciation of gardeners for their exemplary contributions to environmental stewardship and the transformation of our city into Lush Oasis in the form of cash prizes awarded to Sh. Hari Ram-PGGC Sector 11, Sh. Chanderpal-GMSSS, Sector 47D, Sh. Ram Raj GMSSS, Sector 35D, Smt. Taranjeet Kaurrps, Bulerta, Sh. Gopal Hira & Sh. Bhullar Ram-GCE20D, Chandigarh. Sh. Nand Ram, GHS Sector 54, Sh. Ayodhaya Prasad, GMSSS, Sector 33, Sh. Rajesh- GMHS, Sector 35, Sh. Ram Maurya, GMHS, Sector 19, Sh. Jag Lal GMHS, Moli Colony, Sh. Jatta Shanker, Blind School, Sector 26, Sh. Shyam Lal, GGMSSS, Sector 20, Sh. Jaimal Singh, PGGCG, Sector 42, Sh. Ram Shamuj, St. Stephens School, Sector 45, Chandigarh. The event witnessed the active participation of more than 150 gardeners from various educational institutions in Chandigarh.

Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Dean of the college extended gratitude to all the guests and participants for their active involvement and dedication towards improving their gardening skills. The layout of the event was organized by Dr. Ravneet Chawla and Sh. Ravinder Kumar. The event of the day concluded with a new venture of the college, the Aromatic Park was inaugurated by Sh. H.S. Brar by planting a tree of Champa Macheliya. Triveni (Peepul , Neem, Bargad) was also planted by the Sh. Rahul Mahajan and Mrs. Nidhi Mahajan alongwith Principal Dr Sapna Nanda and Dr Ravneet Chawla.

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