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Jimpa directs to provide canal water projects to Hoshiarpur & adjoining villages of Kandi region

Chandigarh: The Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Bram Shanker Jimpa has directed the senior officers of the State Government to ensure canal water projects to the Hoshiarpur City and the adjoining villages of the Kandi region.

During a meeting at his office today with the officers of the Water Supply and Sanitation, Local Government and Water Resources Department, the Minister deliberated in detail on the rapidly declining water level especially in the Hoshiarpur City. The Minister emphasized that in view of the circumstances, the facility of canal water must be provided to the Hoshiarpur and the adjoining villages of the Kandi region.

While discussing the project proposal in detail with the Local Government, Water Resources and the Water Supply Departments, the Minister advocated speedy execution of the project.

On the occasion, Principal Secretary Water Supply & Sanitation Nilkanth Avhad, Department Head Amit Talwar, Principal Secretary Local Government Department Deepti Uppal, Chief Engineer (North) Water Supply and Sanitation Jasbir Singh and the Chief Engineer, Water Resources Sher Singh and other officers were also present.



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