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JK Lakshmi Cement Retains Operating Profit Despite Substantial Cost Increase

JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd., one of the cement majors of India, records a very

satisfactory growth in its net sales by about 26% to Rs. 1551 crore in April-June

2022 from Rs. 1231.51 crore in the corresponding quarter April-June 2021.

Despite considerable pressure from the cost, mainly because of unabated

increase in global fuel cost, JK Lakshmi Cement could achieve marginal

increase in the operating profit at Rs. 217 crore in April-June 2022 from about

Rs. 216 crore in April-June 2021. This could be achieved by improved

operational efficiencies, increased volume, optimizing product mix and higher

sales of premium products.

The Operating Profit Margin however, declined to 14% in Apr-Jun.22 from 18%

logged in a year ago in the corresponding quarter of Apr-Jun.21 due to cost

push. After providing for interest and depreciation, PBT stood at Rs. 152.37

crore in Apr-Jun.22 as against Rs. 161.28 crore in Apr-Jun.21. After Providing

for Taxes and Other Comprehensive Income, JK Lakshmi Cement’s Profit was

lower at Rs.101.59 crore in Apr-Jun.22 against Rs.119.32 crore achieved in the

corresponding quarter.