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KBDAV-7 celebrates 6th International Yoga Day

Yoga from Home, Yoga with Family Campaign

Chandigarh (Gurpreet) A determined heart and a resolute head see no obstruction. What has to be achieved must be! This was once again proved by the robust group of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh who, despite the obstructions posed by Covid scenario, got together on a G-meet link, and performed myriad of yoga aasans, sending out a strong message of the importance of Yoga in every one’s life. 

From the terraces to the living rooms, to galleries or bedrooms, every conceivable space was taken over by the young and not so young Yoga Enthusiasts, who joined the School Digital Platform on the 21st June 2020, to perform the Yoga protocol on the 6th International Yoga Day. 180 Teachers and N.S.S. Volunteers performed Yoga from the safety of their homes, under the Initiative of Yoga from Home, Yoga with Family. Other learners signed up with the Ministry of AYUSH, to perform Yoga in the wee hours of the morning, with their families.

The Principal Pooja Prakash along with the Programme Officers of N.S.S., PTIs and a handful of Teachers joined the Session at 7 a.m. under the Yoga Trainer Mr. Anurag Arora to join in the National endeavor to promote yoga, which can greatly reduce stress, risk of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, pancreatitis and many others. Strengthening the memory, it can be the best antidote to stress, in these unprecedented times, brought about by COVID 19 pandemic. The Yoga Session started with the chanting of ‘OM’ and warm-up exercises. A systematic practice of different Asanas like Suksha Vyayam, Bhujang Asana, Kapalbharti, Pranayam among others followed.The practice of Yoga will certainly bring balance, peace and contentment in Life.

The Live telecast of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi was also showcased before the session commenced.

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